Kokiri Mercury Birch Trees: Wrap Database

Kokiri Mercury Birch Trees: Wrap Database

Weft Name: Kokiri
Warp Name: Mercury
Design Name: Birch Trees
GSM: 325
Weave Structure: Alchemy
Average Width: 69
Blend:  70% combed cotton 30% Peruvian linen
Related Wraps: Whinlatter Midnight Birch Trees shares the same source of Peruvian linen, although the Whinlatter has a purely linen weft, whereas Kokiri has some cotton weft threads too, making it a lighter weight wrap.

Wrapping Qualities: Wraps really solidly with excellent support for even heavy babies. Fairly large knot but easy to tie. The linen has loads of texture without being overly grippy, and the passes mould smoothly. Kokiri will easily make bigger children feel weightless.
Care Requirements: Linen can require a bit of extra ironing to avoid creasing. We suggest you iron the wrap whilst still slightly damp
Notes: The linen weft is part of a small consignment from Peru. It came to one of the Yorkshire weaving houses with the intention of being turned into shade cards, so that they could become a UK supplier for the yarn. This never happened and the yarn was forgotten about until we were offered it by our local ‘yarn reclamation’ friend. He finds beautiful yarn that has been left over from big weave runs, and which large companies can’t use because they work on too great a scale. Small amounts of wefts are just perfect for our ‘micro manufacturing’ though, and fit with our ‘zero waste’ ethos. There wasn’t enough of any one colour, so we’ve used multiple similar shades, and that creates a subtle shift of tine and hue across the cloth, making each wrap slightly unique. There are two cottons threads (an olive and a spring green) that alternate through the weft and remain constant throughout the whole release. A few wraps have a more striking difference in colour. All wraps have a unique identifying code for reference.
This wrap was named after the Kokiri Forest in the legend of Zelda computer games by Nintendo. Jen has many fond memories of her student life, staying up all night “The Ocarina of Time” on the N64 when she should have been studying… The Kokiri forest was her safe place!
Release Date: 21st October 2019
Label Identification Code: MER005
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Review by The Accidental Willow Weaver

Kokiri Mercury Birch Trees: Wrap Database

One thought on “Kokiri Mercury Birch Trees: Wrap Database

  1. Nena Pavelic says:

    Firespiral Kokiri – Mercury, Birch Trees
    GSM: 325
    Size: 4
    Blend: 70% combed cotton 30% Peruvian linen

    Great all-around ruck shorty!
    First of all, I want to mention the scent of warp. It was my first time feeling that some wrap has her scent, and although I’m a scent-free kind of person I liked it!
    This wrap is thick but airy, nicely pleats on shoulders, and passes glide easily.
    I do miss a bit of grip but I loved the texture of the wrap and couldn’t stop touching it while wearing 😆

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