Freddie Mercury Murmuration: Wrap Database

Freddie Mercury Murmuration: Wrap Database

Weft Name: Freddie
Warp Name: Mercury
Design Name: Murmuration
GSM: 280
Weave Structure: Alchemy
Average Width: 
Blend:  87% combed cotton , 9% viscose 4% linen
Related Wraps: Shares the same turquoise viscose linen thread as CMYK Obsidian Gossamer & Charters Moss, Sapphire Burnish Seafoam and 8 bit Obsidian Geode.
Wrapping Qualities: Easy to wrap with and requires no breaking in
Care Requirements: No special care requirements
Release Date:  21st October 2019
Label Identification Code: Mer002
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The Mercury warp first appeared grey but, like all the best Firespiral warps, I feel there might be an ongoing argument about what colour it actually is. My friend @allwrappedupaib called it olive and I just can’t unsee that colour, this warp is a gorgeous olive green/grey that shines like gold in the sun. Freddie feels light, fluid and thinner in hand than I expected. To me it wraps in a similar way to an all cotton Alchemy weave but with more diagonal stretch and just a touch of squashiness from the viscose. It feels super soft and shiny in loom state but I didn’t find it slippy after washing – my passes even needed a little help for the first few wears. It’s not really grippy either though, for me a knotless finish like Tibetan wanted length to hold firm with my toddler, but with a knot or candy cane twist it held fast without needing adjustment even with my 4 year old. It wraps easily, making it quick and simple to get a good comfy wrap job, feels very soft and requires little to no breaking in – I’d happily have used for a newborn straight from its first wash and dry.
To my mind it feels most similar to Sapphire Burnish , which has more of the same turquoise viscose with the fluffier Burnish warp and therefore feels slightly squashier with more glide than Freddie. I was also reminded of Deep Ocean Twilight Seafoam, which is a thinner cotton wrap of glowing blues on a Twilight background, it may be the colour that made me think of this particular wrap but the high cotton percentage of Freddie would explain why I found them similar to wrap with.
And then there’s the design. It’s a beauty and a Murmuration scarf was one of my first Firespiral purchases, catching my eye with its flight of starlings undulating across a rolling hillside.

review by Wrapasaurus
Freddie Mercury Murmuration: Wrap Database
Freddie Mercury Murmuration: Wrap Database

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