Enter our Green Parent Giveaway below, to win a size 6 organic cotton woven wrap- Stonecrop Pendle Tentacular Spectacular. All of our wraps are woven as small run, limited editions here in Lancashire, then sewn by our talented seamstress.

Why are woven wraps such a good choice?

  • Woven wraps are both practical and beautiful. They’re a lovely way to express your style.
  • Tying them is simple, yet fun and creative. There’s a reassuring familiarity in the process of wrapping that becomes soothing to both you and your child.
  • Naturally ergonomic, they mimic the way that you would carry your baby in-arms.
  • Our wraps are ethically produced and we keep our carbon footprint low. Our small scale production means we have zero waste!
  • One wrap will last you from birth to toddler, and can be used by multiple children and caregivers.
  • They offer the most carrying positions of any style of baby carrier. The can be used for front, back and hip carries. There are multiple ways to tie a woven wrap that suit every body and circumstance.

How to enter.

Simply have a look at all the different woven wraps we’ve got in stock at the moment, then tell us which one is your favourite in the form below!

You can find out more about woven wraps here.