5 Benefits Of Using A Woven Wrap Sling

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There are lots of different styles of baby carriers to choose from. Here are 5 of the benefits of choosing and using a woven wrap!

1. Woven Wraps Are Ergonomic And Comfortable

  • The simple design of the wrap (coupled with our specially woven cloth) allows the wrap to completely mould round you and your baby.
  • The cloth supports your child and naturally spreads their weight evenly over a wider surface area making them feel lighter and more comfortable to carry.
  • Unlike more structured carriers, the wrap fits exactly to your unique shape, (rather than you having to fit into its predetermined dimensions).
  • The wrap holds your baby close and in the natural position that they would be held by your arms.
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2. Woven Wraps Are Incredibly Versatile 

  • One woven wrap can carry your baby from newborn right through to pre-school. You don’t need to keep sizing up as your child grows.
  • The same wrap will fit multiple caregivers too, or be used for siblings of different ages.
  • Woven wraps can carry your child in any position-on your front, back or hip. 
  • There are a multitude of different ways to tie the wrap depending on what you need at any particular moment. There are different carries for extra support, nosy babies, warm or cool weather, some which don’t put pressure on your tummy, others which don’t go over one or both of your shoulders. Some carries can be left tied so that you can pop you baby in and out, other can be adjusted for feeding or naptimes. Each carry is made up of the same simple building blocks, so once you’ve learned the basics, you have a whole world of options available to you. 
  • You can choose to experiment with every carry that has been invented (or even invent your own) or stick with a few tried and trusted ones that you can tie with confidence and ease. It is completely up to you. However you choose to do it, there is a wealth of online community support available, especially in our Facebook group 
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3. Woven Wraps Are Fun And Stylish

  • Wraps are more like clothing than a rucksack, and you can use them to express your own personal style
  • Woven wraps can be tied in whatever way you find most comfortable or flattering. If you don’t like the sensation of having something tied round your waist for example, you can choose to fasten the carry off in a different way!
  • Whilst the cloth is beautiful in its own right, you can also fasten off your carry using ‘fancy finishes’ which create different looks. Trying new carries can be lots of fun, and some carries can look very elegant or striking as well as being practical.
5 Benefits Of Using A Woven Wrap Sling
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5 Benefits Of Using A Woven Wrap Sling
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4. Woven Wraps Are Simple 

  • They really are! Some people fall into the trap of thinking that wraps are harder to use than more structured carriers, just because woven wraps don’t have the waistband and straps ready made for you. 
  • In reality, the few steps involved in tying a wrap are incredibly simple- no more complicated than many of the other everyday tasks that you have learned to do without problems! 
  • Wraps can offer you the option to learn a multitude of different carries if you wish,  but you really only need to learn one or two to suit your purposes, and wrapping soon becomes a smooth and automatic process.
  • They don’t take much longer to put on than a structured carrier either. Any extra time is usually just adjusting the cloth for perfect ergonomic comfort- something that isn’t as easy to do with a buckled strap.
  • Lots of woven wrap carries allow you to prepare and position the cloth before you put you baby in, and the cloth secures your infant straight away. There are no tricky reaches or awkward balancing acts, just natural movements similar to getting dressed, and then tying a knot to secure the cloth!
  • They are also simple to wash and care for. Most of our wraps can go in the washing machine like the rest of your laundry. They dry quickly and fold up small to sit on a shelf or in your bag when out and about. There are no joining seams or stitched on parts to check for safety.

5. Firespiral Woven Wraps Are Ethically Made and Eco-Friendly

  • Our wraps are woven from ethically sourced, natural materials.
  • All our production happens here in Lancashire, keeping the quality high and our carbon footprint low.
  • There is next to no wastage in our production. Your wrap will last for years, and can be repurposed once your carrying days are over, so that nothing goes into landfill!

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