Chryso Warp: Collection Overview

Chryso Collection wrap cloth

Chryso Collection

This collection of 5 limited edition wraps was released on the 25th June 2021. They are woven on the Chryso warp, a deep teal colour that is brighter than the Glasto green warp but richer than the turquoise green of the Cyano warp.

It was initially meant to be a 4 wrap collection, but we had some extra warp left on the beam after weaving, so we added a 5th design- Larimar Chryso Gossamer. This Gossamer is a smaller release than usual as a result.

The name Chryso comes from the semi precious stone Chrysocolla, which is one of Jen’s favourites!

This collection also contains scarves woven with the Halcyon weft, in both the birch trees and starmap design. These scarves are woven at half wrap width, so that you can see the full pattern on the scarf. They also double up as mini wraps slings for dolls or toys!

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