Tempest Chryso Seafoam: Wrap Database

navy blue and teal jacquard woven fabric featuring crashing waves

Weft Name: Tempest
Warp Name: Chryso
Design Name: Seafoam
GSM: 250
Weave Structure: Alchemy
Average Width: 68cm
Blend: 90% organic combed cotton, 10% ethically sourced cashmere
Wrapping Qualities: Light and airy in hand, wraps smoothly and glides into place for a neatly moulded wrap job. Soft and silky feel, especially perfect for small babies.
Care Requirements: This wrap has no special care requirements and is very easy to wash and look after! You can follow our standard washing instructions as the wool content is very low, and the wool fibres are blended with cotton in the yarn for stability.
Notes: This cotton/cashmere weft is one that we got from a limited source. It was left over fat the end of  a large, high end tailoring weave run. We used this same yarn as part of the Night’s Watch weft, and it is now all used up, so this can’t be rewoven. It is the same yarn as the weft in Moonrock Twilight Starmap, but dyed  a different colour.
Release Date: 25th June 2021
Label Identification Code: CHR02
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tempest Chryso Seafoam
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