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waterwitch Cirrus Murmuration

Weft Name: Waterwitch
Warp Name: Cirrus
Design Name: Murmuration
GSM: 265
Weave Structure: Alchemy
Average Width: 69cm
Blend: 50% Organic combed cotton, 50% Italian 2ply linen
Related Wraps: Sleepydust Cirrus Nocturne has the same linen weft yarn in a different colour, and was woven on the same Cirrus warp.
Wrapping Qualities: Passes wrap smoothly and hold in place easily. Very fluid and moulding, but tightens quickly for a secure carry. Not much bounce, but very supportive and comfortable. Feels thin and airy in hand
Care Requirements: Easy care linen, not crease prone. Can be machine washed and tumble dried according to our general washing instructions. The only extra proviso that we would add is that this linen sheds lots of excess fibres during the first few washes (as part of the breaking in process). Don’t use the laundry bag for the first few washes, and make sure that your washing machine uses plenty of water in the cycle (not an eco mode). If you have excess lint on your wrap, you may find an extra rinse and tumble dry (or lint roller) will remove this for you. It will also naturally wear away with use. These fine linen fibres can alter the appearance of the cirrus warp temporarily until they’ve worn away.
Notes: The linen is our supersoft, 2ply Italian linen, the same as we used for our very earliest wraps back in 2012. It has the shimmer and floppy drape of linen, but isn’t crease prone or stiff. It requires virtually no breaking in! This is the first weave of our adapted Murmuration design (where we’ve changed the background behind the birds).
Release Date: 23rd March 2021
Label Identification Code: CIR022
RRP: see table below

cirrus 2021 prices

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