Firespiral Loyalty Club: Updates for 2021

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We’ve had to make yet more changes to our business as a result of Brexit (which truly is the gift that keeps on giving) and these have had a knock- on effect on our loyalty scheme.

In the spirit of positive thinking, we’ve used this as an opportunity to improve our system, and we’ll tell you what is new!
The basics of the scheme are still the same- joining the club makes you a Firesprite for 12 months, and in that time you’ll get lots of perks. If you are able to qualify again within that 12 month Firesprite period then you move up to Grand High Spiral Goblin (we love that name!) level and get even more benefits. Joining the club isn’t just about getting cool stuff though- our Firesprites also help us out through consultations and sharing their wise opinions to help us plan what Firespiral should do next!

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What’s new then?

We have introduced a points system for qualifying for the loyalty club. You now need to reach 9 points within a 12 month period in order to apply.
This table shows the points value for each item in our shop.

loyalty scheme points chart

This means that there is no longer a minimum value for your order to meet to qualify for the scheme. Any purchase of the items above will count towards your total, and you can make multiple small purchases or one large one- either way you’ll not lose points!

If you log onto your account when you make a purchase, you will be able to see a record of all your previous orders to help you keep a record of your points. As soon as you reach the magic number you are ready to apply!

This change means that you might already have qualifying orders from the past year- you can check in your account! If you don’t already have an account then making one is simple. You only need an email address and to set up a username and password. You can save shipping and billing addresses, but no financial information gets saved. Naturally we don’t share your information with anyone, and we won’t use your details to contact you for anything other than to help with an order.

Applying is simple- you just fill in the form on the loyalty club page. As part of that you’ll be asked to write a short review of any 3 of the items that you bought, You’ll also need to list all the order numbers that contain the points that you’re using. We’ll add a note on your account to show you which orders you have submitted previously.

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“Oh crikey- I’ve checked out some orders as a guest and can’t see them in my account! What do I do?”

Don’t worry! All of your orders do need to appear in your account before you apply- we can’t combine orders from different accounts or those checked out as a guest, but we can help you if that has happened.
If you have any of the order details for a purchase that you made as a guest, we can add that order to your account for you. Simply get in touch with the details (emailing is usually easiest) before you try to apply for the scheme.

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Visit our Loyalty Club page to read all the details of the scheme.

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