Become a Regular Customer to Join Our Fantastic Loyalty Club!

As a loyalty club member, you’ll be part of our Firespiral family, with access to loads of special rewards and exclusive opportunities! When you first reach the purchase level (9points) to join, you’ll become one of our Firesprites, with membership benefits that last for 12 months. If you apply again within that 12 month period, you will upgrade to Grand High Spiral Goblin, with even more perks! You can keep renewing your membership and will be sent a new pack each time you do.

Firesprite members get:

  • A unique certificate of membership.
  • Entry into our prize draw each month.
  • An exclusive Firesprite member enamel pin.
  • A pack of wrap cloth scraps.
  • A 30% discount code to use in your birthday month.
  • An invitation to join us in exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ discussion forums, where you can share your ideas and have your say about future weaves, new developments etc.
  • Early access to buy special things, pre-orders and new releases.

IF you collect a further 9 points in the same 12-month rolling period you get the opportunity to upgrade to the title of Grand High Spiral Goblin!

Grand High Spiral Goblin level members get:

  • All perks of Firesprite membership.
  • An exclusive Grand High Spiral Goblin member badge.
  • An extra entry into our prize draw each month (twice the chance of winning!).
  • The choice of a gift from a list that we offer you.

How Can I Qualify?

To qualify you need to collect 9 points in any rolling 12 month period. Each item that you buy will have a set points value. The table below shows how many points each purchase is worth. Keep track of how many points are in each order that you make, and when you reach the magic number of 9, you can apply! You can collect your points in as many or as few orders as you like over that 12 month period.

You need to write a review for a minimum of 3 of the items that you’ve purchased as part of your application. See the terms and conditions below for details.

loyalty scheme points chart

To join our Loyalty Club read our terms and conditions then fill in the form below.

  • To join our Loyalty Club you need to complete the form on this page.
  • You need to have collected 9 points in orders all placed within the 12 months leading up to your application.
  • The form will ask you to add the order numbers that contain your 9 points. These numbers can be found on your account overview.
  • Each order number can only be used once. Spare points from an order cannot be carried over and used for a future application.
  • If you accrue more than 9 points in a 12 month period then you can select which order numbers to submit in your application. They don’t need to be used sequentially in date order
  • If you have pre-ordered an item and paid a deposit, you can use either the date of the deposit payment, or the date of the balance payment as your official purchase date- whichever best fits in with your 12 month rolling period! Pre-ordered items have the same points value as regular shop stock
  • Absolute Bobbins bag deposit payments count as 1 point. We use the date that you paid us the deposit, not the date that you pay Alison the balance.
  • Items that do not have any points value are: gift vouchers, slingamebob necklaces, small scraps and mystery scrap bags, craft kits and other small houseware items.
  • You will also need to have completed a review of at least 3 of the items that you have bought before you can apply. Reviews should ideally be made on the product listing. If this isn’t possible (if the item is out of stock) we’d love a review/recommendation on our Facebook Page. If you don’t use Facebook then there is a box for your review on the entry form.
  • Orders all need to have been placed via a single account. We cannot accept orders that were checked out as ‘guest’ or combine orders from several accounts, even if they are all yours! If you want to have past orders added to your account please send us an email (to, we’ll be happy to help.
  • Each order number can only be submitted once. You will be able to see which orders you have previously redeemed on your account overview.
  • If you cancel any of the orders that you submitted as part of your membership application, you no longer meet eligibility criteria, your membership would be cancelled and you would need to apply again once you’ve accrued a further 9 points.
  • Membership packs and prizes will be sent to the shipping address on your account. We regret that we cannot send gifts to other people.
  • Purchases made outside of the website (cash sales at events etc) will not be eligible.
  • Firesprite membership starts on the application date and runs for 12 months.
  • Grand High Spiral Goblin (seriously, who came up with that name?) membership can only be achieved by someone who is already a Firesprite member. and starts on the date of the successful application. G H S Goblin membership reverts to Firesprite membership once the initial Firesprite membership application comes to an end 12 months after the initial application.
    For example if you applied for Goblin status 7 months after you became a Firesprite, you’d be a Goblin for the following 5 months, then revert back to Firesprite for the next 7 months (unless you submitted your next loyalty application within that time)
  • Subsequent applications during G H S Goblin membership will extend the term of your membership.
  • This scheme may change or end at any point.
  • Thanks for making it to the end of this list!