Semi Double Hammock or Back Reinforced Torso Sling Carry: Wrapping Tutorial



The Semi Double Hammock or Back Reinforced Torso Sling Carry may not have the pithiest of names but it is one of my all time favourite carries! It is a variation on a Double Hammock with Traditional Sling Pass which means rather than being 2 shouldered it goes over only one shoulder using a traditional sling pass. 

semi double hammock

  • It is a back carry with multiple passes and a chest belt which gives so much support, spreading it all over your torso which make it a joy even on very long journeys.
  • You can tie it off in various ways but finishing with a slipknot or rings make it really adjustable.
  • This is a one shouldered carry which some people with alignment or back/shoulder problems may struggle with but it provides much more support thanks to its multiple passes.
  • This carry may be uncomfortable for babies that lean a lot, a 2 shouldered carry like the ruck or mixed pass may be more supportive for both of you.


Here is a GIF tutorial of Dan using a size 2 to do the Double Hammock Traditional Sling Pass. He is using a demo doll because we only had uncooperative kids!

Double Hammock variation with Traditional Sling Pass

Here is Sam doing the Semi Double Hammock:


Here is a video that Noah’s Arc Sling Library made for us of a Semi Double Hammock using a size two.

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