Front Reinforced Torso Carry: Wrapping Tutorial

Front Reinforced Torso Carry: Wrapping Tutorial

What is a Front Reinforced Torso Carry? (also known as front reinforced traditional sling carry)

The FRTC is a single shouldered front carry but you can also have you baby off centre or on one hip. It has 2 passes of fabric over your baby, a torso pass and traditional sling pass. It can be tied in 2 ways- with the traditional sling pass on top of, or underneath the torso pass. 

What size wrap do I need?

This is a short wrap carry. You can use a base-3 size wrap, a size longer if you want swishy tails or even a base-4 size wrap but you might need to fasten with a sling ring instead of a slipknot. You can work out your base size here.

Front Reinforced Torso Carry: Wrapping Tutorial

Pros and cons of the carry

  • The 2 passes give extra support to what is basically a very simple carry. 
  • It can be easy to nurse in
  • Good for all ages of baby from newborn to pre-schooler
  • You need to take care with tightening to avoid having the carry sag over time
  • The basic building blocks of this carry can be adapted to turn it into lots of different carries
  • Single shoulder carries might not be as comfortable as 2 shoulder carries for you

HOw to tie a Slip knot

Two videos demonstrating how to tie the Front Reinforced Torso Carry. 

The first is the standard way and the second swaps the two passes to make it a pretied carry.

We’ve a lovely range of short wraps in our shop!

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