Share your love of Firespiral!

Share your love of Firespiral!

We’re trying to grow the Firespiral love and reach more new wrappers, so we’ve got a fantastic new customer promotion running throughout March. But what about those of you who already know how lovely Firespiral wraps are to use?

For those of you who are existing customers and friends of Firespiral, we’d like to offer you an equivalent discount in exchange for your help promoting our brand.

All we’d like you to do is wrap your baby using a carry that you like or find really useful. Then take photos or a video and send them to us along with some useful information about why you like the carry, what it was like to learn it etc so that we can share that with new potential wrappers. You don’t have to do anything special or fancy, just letting people see how you use your wrap in everyday life is brilliantly helpful!

For helping us out you can choose between:
40% off any woven wrap in stockย 
or if your wrapping days are on the wane you can have
20% off your entire basket (excluding gift cards)

Sounds good? Read on to find out how to get involved.

What do you need to do
  1. Choose one single carry and use a Firespiral woven wrap to wrap your child in that carry.
  2. Send us either 3-5 photos, or a 30-60 second (approx) video of you and your child in that carry. These can include the process of wrapping or just the final carry.
  3. Fill in the form below to give us some more information about the carry you chose.
  4. Weโ€™ll email you your code! Your images and form answers will be edited together to promote wrapping to new babywearers via our website and social media.
some hints and tips
  • The photographs need to be clear, in focus and well lit. You might find you get better lighting outdoors.
  • If you are indoors try turning the lights off! It sounds counterintuitive but some clever mobile phone cameras will have automatic settings and lightbulbs can throw them off or change the colour balance.
  • Clean your lens first- it makes a massive difference, especially on a mobile phone.
  • Try to show the carry clearly, keep your arms or objects out of the way.
  • Think about what images you liked or found helpful as a new wrapper. Make sure you are demonstrating safe babywearing.
  • Donโ€™t use stickers or editing tools to hide faces. If you arenโ€™t comfortable having your face shown then angle the camera so that your face canโ€™t be seen.
  • Don’t feel like anything is too obvious or basic to include on the form, remember that your experience of babywearing is unique and you’re an expert! People find it helpful to hear honest accounts, so the things that you don’t like or find difficult can be just as useful to share.

Share your experience!

Existing customers can fill in this form and submit photos/video in exchange for a discount code to be used in our shop. This discount will be equivalent to the โ€˜new wrapperโ€™ promotion that we are running


Discount Code:

I would like (tick one)
if you have a Firespiral account then make sure to use the email that is attached to your account

Main Questions:

What do you like about it, when do you use it?- anything you can think of to give context to this picture
Was it early- late in your babywearing journey, did you find it easy, were there tricky bits?
Size, why you like it, history etc.
Are they your first, when and why did you start wrapping them, and what does a normal wrapping day look like with them?
Do you like new carries or prefer a few tried and trusted ones? What are your favourite lengths, carries, styles of wrap, etc.
Stuff about wrapping in general or why Firespiral is amazing?!


This can be a nickname, an initial or your actual name!
This can be a nickname, an initial or your actual name!

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