Celestine Stargaze Murmuration: Wrap Database

A woven wrap with a pale grey and grey-blue design showing starling murmuration over a wintery treeline

Weft Name: Celestine
Warp Name: Stargaze
Design Name: Murmuration
Weave Structure: Elements
Average Width: 
Blend: 62% organic combed cotton, 25% Italian supersoft linen, 13% merino lambswool 
Related Wraps: Slightly similar in feel to Seaspray Cyano Tentacular Spectacular and Seaspray Sunset Tentacular Spectacular owing to the elements weave and the wool in the blend, but no other wraps have this same blend and weave!
Wrapping Qualities: 
Care Requirements: No special requirements. More hardy than a regular wool. You can follow either the wool wash instructions or our main instructions which will give a slightly more fluffed up feel as they’ll remove the lanolin more quickly. See all our washing instructions here
Release Date: 14th February 2022
Label Identification Code: WSM01
Number of wraps made: 22
RRP: see table below


Celestine Stargaze Murmuration: Wrap Database
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