Comparing Two Green Birch Trees wraps

comparing 2 birch trees wraps

Arbor Low and Kokiri Mercury Birch Trees are two soft green wraps, both slightly heavier weight but moulding and easy to wrap with even with small babies! Arbor Low is woven using our Synergy weave, and Kokiri is our Alchemy weave. You can read about the differences here.
Both wraps change colour depending on lighting and angle. The Mercury warp is a grey that can appear a warm stone beige or a cool slate colour dependent on the light. The hidden lilac-pink warp within the Arbor low cloth shines through the greens as the angle that you view the cloth from shifts.
Both are supportive enough to carry your baby from newborn through to preschooler.

Arbor Low Birch Tree Wrap Database Entry

Kokiri Mercury Birch Trees Wrap Database Entry

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