Our Early Sketchbooks: Look Inside!

Our Early Sketchbooks: Look Inside!

Come and have a flick through our earliest sketchbooks! If you’ve ever visited our stall at a babywearing event, you may have already seen our old sketchbooks, which contain the creative seeds of some of our first designs.

We’ve been trying to provide a little more background and insight into all our designs, to tell you the stories behind their inspiration and development. Each design tends to be worked on for months or even years. It will get picked up when we feel inspired or have some free time, then passed between the two of us because we each have different strengths (or sometimes just need a pair of fresh eyes to work on it). Designs exists as a ‘work in progress’, and will often start off as one thing only to be stripped back and taken off in another direction. There are lots of ideas from years back that lie dormant, but we still feel will come to fruition when the time is right…

Some of these images will form part of the story for a particular design, or maybe even influenced several different ones. There are lots of other little random bits and pieces in here though which haven’t yet had their moment, but there’s plenty of time for them still!

You can find more specific information about each design by searching for our ‘Design History‘ series of posts on our website.

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