Wrap Scrap Project: Springtime Rag Wreath

Last winter we created this tutorial for making a simple rag wreath out of wrap scrap, using our wreath making craft kit. Since the Covid-19 lockdown started, I’ve been looking for ways to keep the children busy and entertained at home, and it turns out that wrap scrap wreath making is a massive hit with my 11,9 and 5 year olds! The project is simple enough for them to manage with a degree of independence, and we worked in some sneaky maths to our measuring and cutting of cloth strips, estimating how many strips we’d need per section etc. The younger two found the action of tying the single knot quite challenging at first, but their dexterity soon improved. The wreath grows quickly too, which helped to keep their interest.
This has been an unsettling time for all of us, and finding a new routine has been tricky. It was lovely to do something simple together and connect for a bit. Also I felt reassured that the older boys would actually get involved with something other than minecraft tournaments on the computer!

We decided to make a more seasonally appropriate wreath, using the basic kit, but replacing the ribbons and berries with springtime flowers. We also added some different green wrap scraps for an extra pop of colour. I went for a piece of geode diurnal, with it’s forget-me-not blue and bright green tones.

I found this tutorial from Attic 24 for crocheting simple little flowers. We had some scraps of wool, but not as many colours as I would like (and with the lockdown there was no chance to go out and buy more). We solved that problem by colouring parts of the wool with felt tipped pens to create the pale yellows and lilacs that we wanted, which worked brilliantly! They don’t take much crocheting know-how to make, but if crochet isn’t your thing then you could easily make flowers out of other wrap scrap or fabric, felt, ribbon or paper- whatever you have to hand!

I’ll update this blog post to show the finished article when we’ve finished making and fastening on all our flowers. In the meantime, the wreath craft kits are still available in our shop, and we’ll be swapping the ribbon and berries in the kit for an extra piece of scrap (which pieces you get will vary depending on what we have available!).

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