Touchstone Blood Moon Microcosm: Wrap Database

Touchstone Blood Moon Microcosm: Wrap Database

Weft Name: Touchstone
Warp Name: Blood Moon
Design Name: Microcosm
GSM: 290
Weave Structure: Alchemy
Average Width: 68cm
Blend: 66% organic combed cotton, 17% hemp 17% lambswool
Related Wraps: Touchstone Pink Moon Microcosm is identical in all but warp colour. Crucible Burnish Petrography is the same blend and an early version of the microcosm design
Wrapping Qualities:
Care Requirements: Despite having a low wool content, this wrap is very easy to care for. It can be washed on a delicate setting and tumble dried on low heat. We recommend taking out when damp and then hanging to air dry, or ironing when damp.
Notes: We specifically recreated the weft blend of the limited release Crucible Burnish wraps here, because they were famed for their wrapping qualities.
Release Date: 25th March 2020
Label Identification Code: BLM04
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I’ve been excitedly awaiting this new hemp/wool blend from @firespiral and it doesn’t disappoint. I love Firespiral hemp – it’s pleasant from the first wear and softens quickly to become fluffy but strong with a gentle “give” that makes it very forgiving. Touchstone retains these hempy qualities and the wool adds more cush on the shoulders too. This is a medium weight wrap at the heavier end of medium, thin enough to be easy to work with even from new, but thick enough to provide more support and comfort with heavier children too. I’ve comfortably carried both my toddler and his older brother in it. Passes are easy to make and not too difficult to tighten, the slight give from both the hemp and wool allows for comfortable body movement but carries hold firm. For me this is the perfect middle ground of easy to work with yet comfortable on the shoulders. Touchstone would be great in any size – it works well with multiple passes and excels in shorty carries. “But is it Crucible?” Crucible Burnish Petrography being the name of a small run of well-loved wraps with this same hemp/lambswool blend. Yes and no. Touchstone is obviously close, but the Burnish warp was fluffy unlike any other and this added an extra cushy softness to Crucible. The Touchstone wool felt softer from the bag though and I love the new blue hemp threads. Crucible took a while to lose its woolly scratch (and smell!) but I see none of that with Touchstone after its customary first back-to-back washes. Touchstone is slightly heavier at 290gsm and I can feel it in the denser warp and slight stiffness from new but it was already feeling softer by the second use so it won’t take long. I’m definitely splitting hairs though – Crucible was probably my favourite Fispi to date for wrap qualities and Touchstone is close enough for me. And the colour! It’s exciting, my husband loves it, the kids love it and I am loving wearing it!

Review on Instagram by @wrapasaurus

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