Astral Pink Moon Curves of Pursuit: Wrap Database

astral pink moon curves of pursuit

Weft Name: Astral
Warp Name: Pink Moon
Design Name: Curves of Pursuit
GSM: 245
Weave Structure: Elements
Average Width: 64cm before ironing, 67cm afterwards
Blend: 40% Italian spun viscose 60% organic combed cotton
Related Wraps: Astral Blood Moon Curves of Pursuit is identical other than the hidden internal warp colour. Vega Obsidian Birch Trees has the same fibre blend and composition but a different weave structure
Wrapping Qualities: bandagey, snugly moulding, good recoil, easy to tighten.
Care Requirements: no special requirements, can be machine washed and tumble dried. It isn’t particularly crease prone, but will enjoy an iron!
Notes: This wrap cloth is much thinner in loomstate, at 220gsm. After an initial wash it rises to around 245gsm, or even 250 after a wash and before ironing. The viscose weft is actually a soft pearly grey colour
Release Date: 25th March 2020
Label Identification Code: PIM002
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Review by The Accidental Willow-Weaver

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