Wrap scrap project: Easy rag wreath

wrap scrap rag wreath

A tutorial showing you how to make an easy rag wreath from wrap scraps. You can watch the videos and listen to me natter about this and that (mostly wrap related) and see me brandishing a pair of scissors like a wrap chopping maniac or just follow the simple instructions in the text below. There is captioning enabled in the videos so you can watch without sound – just click the little CC in the right-hand corner.

Wreaths are not just for Xmas (according to the BBC) so please don’t be put off if you’re not celebrating this tradition – you can make a wreath at any time of the year and decorate it in so many different ways!

The first one of these that I made was from taper scraps – so they can be a great way to make something of the small bits of cloth that you may have been hoarding…

What you need for your wreath

So before you start you need these 4 items (or similar). A metal wreath ring (mine is a 12″ one), approximately 1m/ wrap width of cloth (or a sample of smaller pieces that joined together measure approximately the same), a measuring device and a cutting tool.

In this section, I tell you a bit about why we are using Kokiri scrap as well as showing how the wreath is progressing.
More wreath making and me blathering on about this and that!
Finishing off and more chat!

Written instructions if you want to whizz on ahead without the videos!

Step one, measure your cloth and cut into strips measuring around 18cm by 2.5cm
Tie strips in a half knot around the inner ring
Repeat, pushing them together until the inner ring is filled.
When the inner ring is complete, repeat with the outer ring
The outer ring is done, so all that’s left to do is to decorate!
Decorating fun!
All done!

As soon as the rings arrive with me we will add the link to the kits here. Thanks for reading /watching! xx

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