Wrap Cloth Project: Envelope cushion cover

winter hill and seafoam cushions

This is a quick and easy sewing project, that can be done in less than half an hour with a sewing machine. It is a beginner-friendly project that can also be done by hand.

The finished cushion!

You will need a cushion or cushion pad measuring around 40cm square, 1m of wrap width cloth, matching thread, scissors or a rotary cutter and something to sew with.

I overlocked the edges of my cloth and washed it before sewing. The cloth that I chose for this project is Petrichor Winter Hill which has a woolly surface and a tighter weave. I made this cover to revitalise a scruffy old cushion that had seen better days!

First I wrapped the cloth around my cushion to make sure I had enough, then I measured it so that I could tell you lot how big it was!

I then ironed the dry cloth and turned in around 2cm to the inside face of the cloth on both of the short edges and pressed that to form a crease. This is going to be on the inside of the cushion cover so it doesn’t matter too much if it isn’t perfect!

Stitch both folded edges down. I did this from the right side of the cushion cover, lining up the edge of my cloth against the sticker that I have stuck on my machine.

With both short ends hemmed, lay out your cloth, and place the cushion down over the area of the design that you want on your cover. Mark a line that is around 5cm away from the edges of the cushion and parallel with the long sides of the cloth.

Cut it to size and overlock / finish any raw edges if you wish.

Take the cushion out, and fold over one of the short edges, right sides together. Take a look at the pattern placement on the other side to choose how far you fold. Pin or clip the folded section in place.

Stitch both sides of the folded section into place along the long edges.

Get your cushion and tuck it into the folded over edge of the cloth.

Fold over the other edge, making sure that the hemmed edges of the cloth overlap, and pin or clip into place (making sure you can still remove the cushion!).

Take out the cushion and stitch the 2 open edges down.

You are done! Turn your cushion cover inside out and push the corners out until they are square. Put your cushion into the cover via the opening at the back.

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