Petrichor Winter Hill: Wrap Database

Petrichor Winter Hill: Wrap Database

Weft Name: Petrichor
Warp Name: Twilight
Design Name: Winter Hill
GSM: 310
Weave Structure: Synergy
Average Width: 69cm
Blend: 59% combed cotton, 41% wool
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Wrapping Qualities: Cloth isn’t prone to pulling, passes glide easily over each other. Smooth texture but not silky, thicker feel in hand, dense but good stretch and recoil. Feels thinner than the 100% cotton synergy wraps and wraps more true to size. Bouncy and supportive on the shoulders.
Care Requirements: This is quite a robust wool wrap and doesn’t need particularly careful handling. We recommend using the wool cycle on your washing machine and keeping the spin low. We’d recommend air-drying, but it doesn’t need to be laid flat in towels, you can tent over a maiden or peg on a line (use plenty of pegs to avoid the weight of the wrap pulling on only a few points). If your tumble dryer has a gentle wool setting then the wrap should be fine with that too. You need to wash a brand new wrap a few times to remove the natural processing oils used to protect the wool during weaving.
Notes: This is the first wool weft synergy weave wrap (all the rest have been 100% combed cotton). We altered the Winter Hill design slightly to change the telecommunication masts, so this is the first release using the new adapted design. The wefts are made up from multiple coloured yarns because there was only a small amount of this wool available, and we had to combine different colours to get enough together for weaving. The darker colour is made from alternating browns, the lighter is two greys and a smoky blue. The twilight blue warp sparkles through them both and creates an extra dimension to the colour
Release Date:  5th July 2019
Label Identification Code: TWI031
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Petrichor Winter Hill: Wrap Database
Petrichor Winter Hill: Wrap Database
Petrichor Winter Hill: Wrap Database
Petrichor Winter Hill: Wrap Database

I have had the pleasure to have a tester wrap from Firespiral named Petrichor Winter Hill here for a week. A size 4 (base -2 for me) in the magical blend of 59% cotton and 41% wool in their synergy weave. It feels medium in hand, not to heavy and wraps like a cosy hug. It has some bounce, stretch and enough grip for the knot to hold in place. You can feel the wool but it´s not itchy. It feels nice on the shoulders and support both me and my toddler great in every single-layer carry I tried (17months and 12kg). I would love to have this in a base-size wrap for multi-layer carries.

Review from Sanna from Sweden

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