30 Day Wrapping Challenge!

30 Day Wrapping Challenge!

Our wonderful fans have organised a fun and educational wrapping challenge- with a different carry for us all to try every day for the next month!

There are a range of featured carries, some more well known than others. You can choose to try all of them, or simply pick and choose the days that take your fancy.
The ‘action’ will take place mainly in our main facebook group (Firespiral Community and Marketplace if you aren’t already a member) There you’ll be able to chat about the different carries, share your photos and thoughts about the carries, get advice and technique tips from other group members if you need any help.

As the month goes on we’ll be choosing some of the carries to feature on our website and we need your input to make this really useful. You can provide honest reviews of how easy or comfortable a carry is, share your ideas about what it is most suitable for or tips for getting the carry right. You can video a wrapping demonstration, make carrying instructions, or just share your photos of you and your wrappee.

Sharing real life experience is often more useful and educational for other babywearers than glossy social media images of a carry!
If we can share your images, videos or reviews in our blog then we’ll send you a website gift voucher as a thank you. Videos need to be publicly hosted (uploaded to youtube etc in order for us to add them to the website)

The challenge starts today (Saturday 8th February 2019) with a classic carry that many of you will already know…
Good Luck!!

30 Day Wrapping Challenge!

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