Bifrost Starmap: Wrap Database


Weft Name: Bifrost
Warp Name: Midnight (1st release) Twilight (2nd release)
Design Name: Starmap
GSM: 320
Weave Structure: Synergy
Average Width: 69cm
Blend: 100% combed cotton
Related Wraps: Has a very similar rainbow weft to  Bifrost Obsidian Charters Moss (although they are not identical). Identical to Bifrost Seafoam and Mercury Bifrost Starmap
Wrapping Qualities: Cloth isn’t prone to pulling, passes glide easily over each other. Smooth texture but not silky, thicker feel in hand, dense but good stretch and recoil. Ties with a large knot, wrap softens even more with use.
Care Requirements: This wrap has no special care requirements and is very easy to wash and look after! You can follow our standard wash 
Notes: This wrap has been rewoven to restock. The hidden internal warp differs in shade slightly, with the first weave having a slightly darker blue hidden warp
Release Date: 10th December 2018 and 5th July 2019
Label Identification Code: MID001 and TWI024
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Review by When Tania Talks

Bifrost-Starmap-Woven-Wrap-front-carry-fancy-finish Bifrost-Starmap-Woven-Wrap-front-carry-fancy-finish Bifrost-Starmap-Woven-Wrap-front-carry-fancy-finish Bifrost-Starmap-Woven-Wrap-front-carry Bifrost-Starmap-Woven-Wrap

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3 thoughts on “Bifrost Starmap: Wrap Database

  1. Tori Batchelor says:

    Has this wrap/fabric been released for general sale yet? I’m hoping to get my hands on one but can’t find it int he shop listings.


    • Tamsin says:

      Hi Tori, yes it was released yesterday morning but sold out in a flash. We are planning a reweave in the new year though. Will provide updates in our Facebook group x

    • Tori Batchelor says:

      curses to being in a different timezone!! I shall keep a close eye on the FB page and hopefully snag a pre-order in the reweave.
      Thanks! x

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