Fantasia Obsidian Curves of Pursuit: Wrap Database


Weft Name: Fantasia

Warp Name: Obsidian

Design Name: Curves of Pursuit

GSM: 295

Weave Structure: Alchemy

Average Width: 63cm measured flat, 67cm measured under tension

Blend: 39% lambswool merino, 61% combed cotton

Related Wraps: Fantasia Aqua Curves of Pursuit has a very similar weft in terms of colour, and uses the same coloured merino wool in the weft. It’s wrapping qualities are more like Rust Dendron Curves of Pursuit.

Wrapping Qualities: A thicker weight wrap at 295gsm. The black warp face is silky soft with the incursions of weft providing grip and texture. The coloured wool face feels like a well-loved wool jumper with any original prickle being softened through washing and a small amount of breaking in. It wraps really nicely, the wool providing cushioning and a little bounce, great for heavier wrappees. The thickness may make it a little more difficult to wrap a newborn due to the bulk of the fabric, but it can be done. It is soft and easy to wrap with from the first wash.

Notes: This wrap uses a variation on the original ‘Fantasia’ weft. It uses the same merino wool weft as the Fantasia, but also includes cotton yarns to create extra colour interest and to lower the overall wool content. The Fantasia weft was originally inspired by a sample weave that we did to test out a multicoloured warp. We used 3 random cones of yarn for that sample warp, a red, orange and purple that we just grabbed from the shelf because they seemed cheery and happened to be to hand! When the test cloth was woven, the colours worked so beautifully together, but we only had enough cloth for one single wrap (that Tamsin still has). We decided to try and recreate the look but with the colours in the weft instead of the warp

Release Date: 29th September 2018

Label Identification Code: OBS029
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Review by Erna of the Balkan Firespiral Group

Fantasia Obsidian CoP

fantasia braided

FWCC selfie

fantasia wrapping

Fantasia Obsidian CoP


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