Front Double Hammock: Wrapping Tutorial

front double hammock

Front Double Hammock Tutorial

A front double hammock is a supportive front carry that is great from birth although it is important that you tighten well with a newborn to prevent slumping.

It is called a front double hammock (FDH) because it is made up of 2 hammock passes across baby. A hammock pass is so called as it mimics baby sitting on the edge of a hammock – nothing goes between the legs, all cloth is behind baby from knee-pits up to the nape of the neck.

The front double hammock generally needs a base size wrap to tie at the back, but you could still use a shorter wrap and tie the carry under baby’s bum instead.

The front double hammock works best with shoulder flips, as flips put an angle into the cloth which allows the wrap to travel in straight lines. Straight lines make tightening (and retaining tightness) much easier.
flipped shoulder pass

The front double hammock pre-tied starts off in much the same way as a pre-tied front cross carry (we’ll link this here once we’ve made the tutorial!).

In this video, Tamsin demonstrates a FDH using Garnet Callisto Kaleidoscope in a size 7, with a 4 month sized demo doll.


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