Rigel Aqua Starmap: Wrap Database

Rigel Aqua Starmap: Wrap Database


Weft Name: Rigel 

Warp Name: Aqua 

Design Name: Starmap 


GSM: 245gsm

Weave Structure: Alchemy

Average Width: 70cm

Blend: 100% Cotton

Related Wraps: Sunlit Aqua Birch Trees is a 100% cotton wrap using the Aqua warp although it uses our tighter elements weave. Poseidon Cirrus Tentacular Spectacular is a 100% cotton alchemy weave wrap. 

Wrapping Qualities: Soft and cushy. Wonderful newborn wrap. Also supportive enough for older wearees. 

Care Requirements: No special care requirements, can be machine washed, tumble dried and ironed according to the care instructions.

Release Date: 22nd August 2016

Label Identification Code: AQU002

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Sold Out – More Information Here 

Review by Firespiral 

Rigel Aqua Starmap: Wrap Database Rigel Aqua Starmap: Wrap DatabaseRigel Aqua Starmap: Wrap Database

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