Bracken Aqua Gossamer: Wrap Database


Weft Name: Bracken 

Warp Name: Aqua 

Design Name: Gossamer

GSM: 250

Weave Structure: Alchemy

Average Width: 70cm

Blend: 90% combed cotton, 10% merino lambswool

Related Wraps: This uses the same ethically sourced merino as our higher percentage wool wraps.

Wrapping Qualities: Wraps with a medium-thick feel, doesn’t feel bulky when worn. The wool content adds bounce and a touch of grip, but this wraps and passes easily like a cotton wrap. Wraps true to size with a relatively small knot. Moulds easily even over thick winter coats

Care Requirements: Only a low percentage of wool, so this wrap can mostly be treated as cotton wrap. We suggest using a wool detergent as these are less alkaline than regular washing detergents. Can be gently tumble dried orline dried. We suggest using plenty of pegs (or supporting at regular intervals) if air drying, just to distribute the weight of the wrap evenly.

Notes: This wrap has several different yarns in the weft. It uses the same green wool as the weft in Moss Twilight Winter Hill along with a bluey green and olive coloured cotton.

Release Date: 31st January 2017

Label Identification Code: AQU012

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Review by Jen of Firespiral 


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