Galena Callisto Seafoam: Wrap Database

Weft Name: Galena

Warp Name: Callisto

Design Name: Seafoam

GSM: 260

Weave Structure: Alchemy

Average Width: 66cm

Blend: 75% combed cotton 25% merino 

Related Wraps: Galena Moorland Seafoam (unreleased to date ) is identical in all but warp colour.

Wrapping Qualities: Smooth warp face provides glide when wrapping, woolly weft face giving a little more grip. The 25% merino wraps really nicely, with the wool giving a nice bit of bounce and movement. The alchemy weave and even texture produce a wrap that is very mouldable and easy to wrap with. This is a great all-age, all-season blend, working well as a base size wrap from newborn into toddlerhood. 

Care Requirements: 

  • Use a delicate, wool specific liquid detergent. These are widely available in shops
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Wash on a wool cycle at the lowest temperature, and with the lowest spin available. We recommend 600rpm or below
  • Do not  be tempted to add non-wool items to the drum (pillowcases, towels etc). The wool cycle isn’t designed to deal with these items.
  • Air dry flat, do not hang on a radiator or other heat source. You can peg this wrap out on a washing line/dryer if you secure it at multiple points at close intervals rather than hanging off just a couple of pegs
  • Wool wraps can be ironed on a gentle/cool setting.

Notes: The merino weft yarn is blended with cotton to help to stabilise the wool, making it easier to care for yet retaining all the lovely woolly properties! This wrap uses exactly the same weft yarn as Albus Twilight, Moss, Juniper, Nightfall etc. This is a great introduction to wool.

Release Date: 8th January 2018

Label Identification Code: PUP002

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