Garnet Moorland Kaleidoscope: Wrap Database

Weft Name: Garnet

Warp Name: Moorland

Design Name: Kaleidoscope

GSM: 276

Weave Structure: Alchemy weave

Average Width: 69cm

Blend: 72% cotton 16% hemp 12% viscose 

Related Wraps: Garnet Callisto Kaleidoscope (not yet released) is identical in all but warp. Asphodel Cirrus Seafoam and Asphodel Cirrus Tentacular Spectacular have similar wrapping qualities but a slightly lower gsm

Wrapping Qualities:  Lightly and evenly textured with a good amount of grip, the viscose lends stretch and softness,  with extra body and substance given by the hemp, whose stretch is far less. Moulding and supportive.  yet tightens evenly so that you don’t get tight sections digging into shoulders; easy to wrap with and to get right.

Care Requirements: No special care requirements, can be machine washed, tumble dried and ironed. 

Notes: There are multiple coloured yarns in this wrap which lend a visual texture to go with the delicate pattern. The brighter salmon pink weft thread amongst the coppers is the ‘seashell’ combed cotton that we used with some of the earliest elements wraps. The copper hemp is the same as used in Copper Octarine Winter Hill, Copper Glasto Harvest  and Copper Glasto Tentacular Spectacular

Release Date: 8th December 2017

Label Identification Code: BRP007

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