Traditional Sling Pass Back Carry: Wrapping Tutorial


The traditional sling pass back carry is quick, very adjustable, and so comfortable. I am a huge fan of it with a nearly 3-year old that INSISTS on walking on the school run but only at her own pace, so often needs to be hurriedly carried to avoid us being late!!

  • The traditional sling pass back carry consists of one diagonal pass across baby, across your back. It comes over one shoulder and under another.
  • It is incredibly quick to tie.
  • It is incredibly adjustable.
  • It provides lots of support given how simple it is.
  • You need to feel confident making a good seat (see this tutorial for thoughts on making a seat)

Here is a GIF tutorial:

TSP Back Carry


Here is a video Autumn made for us of how to do a Traditional Sling Pass back carry in a short wrap.

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