Semi-Front Wrap Cross Carry: Wrapping Tutorial

Semi fwcc stonecrop pendle Tentacular spectacular

This is a form of Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) that you can do with a much shorter wrap. FWCC usually requires your base size.

  • The semi-front wrap cross carry (semi-fwcc) is very similar to the hip cross carry but has some fundamental differences.
  • The semi fwcc still has two passes over the baby for extra support, but whereas with the hip cross carry baby sits into the pouches with one leg through each pass, with the fabric going under their legs. In a semi fwcc both passes go over the top of baby’s legs.
  • It is relatively easy to breastfeed in.
  • In order to fully tighten you may have to ‘chase’ slack right round through the passes until it reaches the tails and you can pull it out of the knot. This can take a bit of practice to get right with a heavy child but worth the effort
  • You can finish this carry with a slipknot or some rings for extra final adjustment to the carry.
  • Unlike the Coolest hip cross carry it is not poppable ( you are not able to easily take your child in and out of the carry without having to do some major re-tying).
  • It is a front carry rather, rather than the coolest hip cross carry which can be worn towards the front but will always be a bit off centre.

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