Mixed Pass Carry: Wrapping Tutorial



The mixed pass was the first back carry I ever used with a short wrap. It is so often overlooked though!


  • The mixed pass is a double shoulder carry which provides a lot of support.
  • It has one pass which goes UNDER baby’s leg which is very handy if you struggle to stop your baby’s seat from popping. This can also make the carry feel a little ‘lop-sided’.
  • It can be finished in lots of different ways, knot, knotless or a candy cane chestbelt (cccb) which acts as a chest belt, spreading the weight across the torso.
  • If you are looking for something more supportive than a ruck but have a seat popper or a leaner than this may be the carry for you!

Like any new carry, it can take some practise to get the action right. Passing under the leg, over the shoulder and back across the body is really helped by keeping one rail in your hand as you pass it around. You can also spread the long pass down over your arm before passing your arm back across your back, which should help if you are struggling to reach.

mixed pass

Here is a video that Noah’s Arc Sling Library made for us of a mixed pass carry.


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