Coolest Hip Cross Carry: Wrapping Tutorial



  • The coolest hip cross carry has 2 passes which provide good support for carrying a bigger baby and/or don’t find a single pass carry (like the traditional sling pass carry) comfortable.
  • You can carry your child on your hip or around onto your front which is fab for tiny babies, a multi-pass front carry with a short wrap is a very valuable addition to your wrapping repertoire. 
  • If finished with a slipknot or a sling ring it is very easy to adjust so a great option if you are thinking about breastfeeding in a wrap. You can purchase safe sling rings from shops such as Rings for Slings
  • It is pre-tied so if you have a toddler who wants to only be carried on your front but that wants to constantly get up and down you can leave it tied and just pop them in and out as needed. You simply loosen the carry to take them out, but make sure to retighten before you put them back in, so there is less adjusting and tightening to do once they’re in.
  • you can spread the diagonal pass up across your back and over your shoulder for extra support like you would a traditional sling pass or ring sling. This will spread the weight more across your body rather than putting the pressure on your shoulder. Remember though that the more it is spread the less movement you will have in that arm, so you need to find the right balance for you.
  • It can be performed in two ways- standard or ‘inside out’. This refers to which of the diagonal passes that the baby sits in ends up on the outside of the carry and which crosses underneath. The inside out version is sometimes considered easier to tighten. As the tail that travels around your waist comes round to the front for the last time it then gets pulled under and through the bunched pass of wrap around your waist, then up to the tail hanging over your shoulder. In the standard version, the tail would travel round your body then straight over the rest of the wrap to be secured to the other tail.

Here is a GIF tutorial of Liz carrying Harry (3 months old) in a size 2 Coolest Hip Cross Carry.

Coolest Hip Cross Carry


This is Samantha using a Size 2 with her 14-month-old. She is demonstrating the “inside out” version of the carry; as the pass that travels around your waist comes round to the front again ready to be secured to the opposite tail to create one of the diagonal passes, it goes under the and is pulled through the other pass as opposed to straight over the top of it (see fig 4). Some people find this method easier to tighten. It is worth trying both methods to see which you find simpler to get comfortable.


Here is Noah’s Arc Sling Library’s tutorial of a coolest hip cross carry.


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