Rigel Aqua Starmap

Here is a wrap for all of you turquoise fans out there! 2 tones of turquoise, Aqua, a gentle pastel turquoise and Rigel, a bold and zingy turquoise, made from alternating shades of blue.

Our two toned blue weft is named for Rigel, the brightest star in the constellation of Orion, and a ‘blue giant’, a name that we think is very apt for this galaxy of blue!

Aqua Ocean Starmap_21-min

Rigel Aqua Starmap is woven with 100% combed cotton, using our mouldable and oh so soft Alchemy weave. It is a great wrap for beginners, as it is easy to get a good wrap job with, the design and the yarn creating a fabric that glides easily in to place. The two very different faces give you a wrap that has two different looks, depending on which way out you wear it, and as with all of our wraps we hem one rail to one side and one to the other meaning that you get a true two sided wrap.

Aqua Ocean Starmap_11-min Aqua Ocean Starmap_12-min


Rigel Aqua Starmap will be available from our online shop from 24th August 2016.



Aqua Ocean Starmap_13-min

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