Copper Glasto Tentacular Spectacular

This copper weft is our spindrift hemp, grown and spun in Europe but dyed for us in Lancashire. It is grown using sustainable methods. Its natural mildew and microbial resistance means that it can be grown organically without  reliance on chemicals. Our supplier uses traditional, mechanical methods rather than chemical processing to grow and process the hemp yarn in an eco-friendly way. If that wasn’t enough, hemp is a naturally heat regulating fibre, easy to care for and with less tendency to crease than other long fibres such as linen.
Our hemp is supportive but becomes almost impossibly soft over time. It is an ideal yarn for weaving into baby wraps.

All our hemp comes from a single source to guarantee repeatable quality.

This wrap is a medium weight, Alchemy weave and will be one of 3 different designs being stocked at 9pm BST tonight (26th May 2016)

Copper Glasto TS-1 Copper Glasto TS-2 Copper Glasto TS-9 Copper Glasto TS-11Copper Glasto TS-10

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