Gorse Glasto Kaleidoscope

There is something about this wrap that makes me want to prance about in the fields by our house. I imagine that blue tits would braid my hair as I skipped in the sunlight. This elven fantasy may be in part fuelled by our current bedtime reading of Enid Blyton’s classic “The Enchanted Wood”, but I imagine that if Moonface used a sling, this would be the one he chose…

Gorse Glasto Kaleidoscope-2Gorse Glasto Kaleidoscope-1 Gorse Glasto Kaleidoscope-3 Gorse Glasto Kaleidoscope-4 Gorse Glasto Kaleidoscope-5 Gorse Glasto Kaleidoscope-6 Gorse Glasto Kaleidoscope-7 Gorse Glasto Kaleidoscope-9 Gorse Glasto Kaleidoscope-10 As heady and rich as the bush that bears its name, Gorse is a 100% cotton wrap with a tri coloured grad warp.

This wrap will be available in our shop from 9pm on the 26th May 2016

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