Moonrock Twilight Starmap

twilight starmap

It is a good while since we last released a cashmere blend wrap. We have not found a direct supplier of cashmere to date who can demonstrate the level of ethical assurance that we would require to make cashmere a standard line. We currently use surplus yarn, spun in the UK for a clothing company who source the wool direct from farms using traditional, sustainable methods. This is the yarn leftover from larger production runs and only available to us in small quantities as a result.

Silver-esque Twilight Starmap -7 Silver-esque Twilight Starmap -10 Silver-esque Twilight Starmap -15 Silver-esque Twilight Starmap Flat-3 Silver-esque Twilight Starmap Flat-14

Moonrock is a warm silver cashcot weft and this combined with our alchemy weave creates a medium-light weight wrap. These wraps will be available for sale in our shop at our standard fibre blends prices from Tues 8th March 2016 at 9pm GMT

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