Fledgling Scheme for first time buyers

Fledgling Scheme for first time buyers

“Buy your first ever woven wrap and receive half of the purchase price back to spend on whatever you like in our shop!”

The Fledgling scheme gives you 50% of the price of your first wrap back as gift card credit for you to spend in our shop, whenever and however you like. There is no time limit for using the credit, you can use it over multiple smaller purchases or put it towards the cost of the wrap.

That first wrap also counts towards our loyalty scheme, as do any other purchases over £80, even if you pay using your credit.


Why was it set up?

We know that woven wraps can seem expensive at first, especially if you aren’t 100% sure that wrapping will be ‘right’ for you and your family. We also know that people who receive good early support and advice, and who use a woven wrap that functions really well will have far more positive experiences of wrapping and grow to love it!

We wanted to reduce the hurdle of price by offering a generous incentive, and address issues around the initial learning curve by encouraging babywearers to seek support from local babywearing services and by offering them excellent materials to work with. It has been said that our wraps “wrap themselves” which is quite handy for a beginner!

The fledgling scheme was intended to encourage new wrappers to seek out well functioning wraps and expert support from libraries in order to give them the best start and not be unnecessarily deterred.

How has the scheme changed since it was set up?

Originally, Fledglings were given a 55% refund in cash. We found that in many instances, the scheme was being used as a hardship fund, which was never its intended purpose and left the system open to abuse. Our wraps are high quality and woven in the UK, which naturally makes them very expensive to produce. Despite this cost, we are still one of the most affordable UK woven brands on the market, meaning that the fledgling scheme runs at a loss for us. It was never designed to run as a charitable enterprise such as the “Up Project”, is a business promotion, albeit one with wider benefits (and we engage in charity work in other forms). So now, we are giving people that same amount of cash back, but effectively stipulating that it can only be spent on our own products. We feel that this is an excellent deal and a great way to be welcomed into the Firespiral family!

Who is eligible?

Anyone who is new to woven wraps, who doesn’t currently own one within their household and who would like to use wraps as one of their main methods of baby carrying.

How do people access the scheme?

The scheme is only delivered through libraries and babywearing educators. They will offer you support, advice and education regarding woven wraps, then fill in an application form on your behalf  and give you a code to use on your purchase. Your credit will appear in the ‘gift card’ section of your account within 7 days of purchase and us receiving the completed form.


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