New Blankets: Winter Hill

We have 5 new blanket designs nearly ready for sale, and we’ve tried to create as much choice/variation as possible in terms of colour. These blankets easily fit a double bed (the photographs are taken on a king sized bed), but are useful for covering settees/chairs, snuggling up under on cold afternoons, building dens with, spreading on the floor as play/picnic mats.

We have chosen to make them from recycled cotton, to reduce their environmental impact and their cost, meaning that they are labelled as 75% cotton, 25% other materials.

Our blankets measure 190cm by 168cm and weigh approximately 1.5kg, and are labelled as dry clean only. This care instruction pertains to keeping them feeling brand new and unwashed. They are very hardwearing and perfectly machine washable, but like any textile their texture will change post wash. With these blankets they lose the ‘fleece’ feel and become more like a traditional blanket, still soft and floppy but with less of a brushed fleece texture to them.

The second of the 5 new designs is Winter HIll. These will be available in our shop very soon, priced at £85 including UK postage.

The colours of this blanket are hard to capture. Although it has a blueish tinge on here, the purple is quite warm and ‘true’- a light ‘cadbury’s’ purple if I can say that?! Its companion colour is a neutral olive grey/beige- a bit like the inside of an aubergine! My descriptive powers are failing a little this afternoon it seems…

DSC_0713 (2) hill2 hill1 hill4compare


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