Absolute Bobbins Babywearing Bags

Alison from Absolute Bobbins has spent the past few months developing and perfecting a wonderful babywearing bag design, combining practical function with classic form to create the ultimate way to cart your stuff around (and the perfect place to pin your button badges)!

We thought we should give you a guided tour of them before the first batch go on sale in our shop on the 30th December.



We wanted a bag that was capacious enough to carry everything you need for going out and about with your children, whilst remaining compact and streamlined even when completely full.

We fit all this into the bag easily, with plenty of room to spare filled bag


full bag

This bag is a bit of a TARDIS in this respect. It has a fantastic capacity, and the internal structure is soft to accommodate whatever you fill it with, yet sturdy enough to not sag and bulge.


One of my personal bugbears with large bags is their tendency to gape and spill their contents when you place them on the floor. The absolute bobbins bag keeps its shape when standing, and has a zip fastener for ease and security.




The best innovation when it comes to babywearing is Alison’s strap design. At half the width of a wrap, the strap moulds comfortably around both you and your baby without creating pressure points for either of you.


bag spread

Being made from wrap fabric it can be spread like an extra pass or to cap your shoulder; the  sling ring fastener makes it simple to get the bag over you and your baby, and also to adjust the strap length.

back_carryshort strap



They are fully machine washable which is essential given how often I find bananas squished at the bottom of my bag! Each bag has a co-ordinating lining, large outer pocket and two smaller, inner pockets, perfect for keeping track of your phone and purse.

ninside keyring

They also have a nifty integrated key clip that ingeniously allows your keys to be tucked safely into your bag or pulled out without having to unzip the bag itself.


Whilst we will have some in stock bags, Alison can also make custom bags to order. Here is her facebook page. These bags are all unique and will be priced at £85 including UK postage.

bags group

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