Zora Twilight Tourbillon review by The Wrap Diaries

Anyone want some spam of the upcoming release? A mini review from Sam at The Wrap Diaries.
Zora twilight tourbillon is the most beautiful colour, it’s really hard to capture it properly! It’s a greyish green with the deep twilight blue; I’ve tried to show it as accurately as I can! It’s a thin wrap, reminds me of gamma starmap in both weight and feel. It’s 25% linen but definitely feels thinner and stronger than flame seafoam or aquilon vortex (the others I’ve tried of the same linen content). This wrap arrived pretty crispy but it’s already breaking in nicely and getting that renowned twilight softness. Wrap jobs are rock solid with this and it has lovely grip (the side by side picture is before and after a 45 minute trip down to the supermarket and back home with the shopping, you can see it stayed put!). I actually love how supportive this wrap is – great for my chunky monkeys  I’d want this wrap fully broken in before using it with a squish, but I’d bet money on it being amazingly soft without much work! The strength means this would rock as a shorty, but the thinness means it would also be fab as a long wrap as you don’t get any bulk with multi layer carries. Definitely recommended!

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