Andromeda Twilight Starmap: 50% linen 50% combed cotton

Andromeda Twilight Starmap

The Andromeda weft is a sibling to the linen that we used for the Sylvan Obsidian Birch Trees. Andromeda Twilight Starmap Flat-3 It is a tri-coloured marl linen coupled with a magenta combed cotton creating a colour combination that sparkles through the twilight warp. At 380gsm this is a heavyweight wrap, but it is a gentle beast and can become mouldable and pliable with a little love. The chunky linen lends texture to the soft and silky cotton warp.  Although able to comfortably support older children, we think that Andromeda is still yielding enough for new wrappers to use. Andromeda will be available to purchase on our website from 9 pm GMT on Monday 9th November 2015.

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