Every end is a new beginning…

Every end is a new beginning...


We are keenly counting down the days to the Northern Sling Exhibition now. We hope that you’ll be coming along because it is there that we’ll be unveiling our new scheme aimed at promoting wrapping to new babywearers, supporting local library, consultant and peer to peer services (and of course offering treats to those of you who are already veteran wrappers)!


We are naturally very excited about starting something new, but it will involve making some fairly big changes to what we already offer, and we thought we’d let you know about those in advance. We developed these changes in response to customer feedback and your great suggestions, so they might not come as that much of a shock, but here we go…

elements rainbow


We designed the Elements range to be simple to care for, accessible to buy, and more budget friendly to appeal to new wrappers.  They are woven from the same high quality materials and with the same production values as our standard range, but we kept the price down by limiting design and colour options, minimising packaging and by heavily subsidising the range to keep them below £100 posted in the UK.
We will no longer be making the Elements range as it stands today. The Elements wraps already in stock will continue to be sold at the current subsidised prices until 31st December 2015 (so there will be an overlap with the new scheme for the rest of the year). From the 1st January 2016, any remaining Elements wraps will be repackaged with bags, badges etc and sold at the standard price for our 100% cotton wraps.
So from 2016 we will only have one central location in our shop that will house all our wraps. We’ll keep the names “Alchemy” and “Elements” to refer to the type of weave used (tight weave wraps will be Elements weave wraps and the looser weave will be described as Alchemy) but they will both be part of the same range. We will be bringing over all the designs from the elements range, plus the weave itself, and amalgamating them into our single main range of wraps.
The huge plus side to this upheaval will be that we will be able to completely mix and match in terms of design, fibre, colour and weave. We can make a tighter weave Seafoam, or a Tentacular Spectacular with a hemp weft,  or a 100% cotton Kaleidoscope on a coloured warp with a coloured weft; we’ll no longer have any limits or segregation.
The old Elements range subsidy will fund our new scheme, and will be channelled to offer tailored benefits to different customer groups.
The exception to the rule will be Graphite Starmap, which we will continue to stock at the subsidised rate as part of our new scheme, but this is straying a little into spoilers territory now, so I’ll leave it here for now!

As soon as we return from Sheffield we’ll have a full announcement about our new plans and how they will benefit you.

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