Torra Dendron Winter Hill

Torra Dendron Winter Hill

Winter Hill is an iconic sight round these parts, and seeing “the mast” means that you are reassuringly close to home! The hill itself displays evidence over 6000 years of human activity, from the Bronze age to the present day.DSC_0090

As this is a special sight for so many people we had to do it justice, and that added an extra level of pressure! It has been on the drawing board for a long time but it finally started to come together and feel ‘right’ when I added the rain, naturally! The design incorporates patterns inspired by weather maps and weave constructions. As an artist I have learned to accept that a design never truly feels complete, there is just a time to stop and let it be. I’m not 100% sure that this is its final incarnation, but for now it certainly works well on this strata like dendron warp. The Β grey/blue weft comprises of the ‘winter’ coloured linen and ‘moonlit’ combed cotton, making this wrap 25% linen, 75% combed cotton. It is a lightweight yet sturdy wrap at 248gsm. The linen lends a stormy shimmer and glorious drape.

These wraps will be available in our shop from 9pm BST on Saturday 10th October

smallTorra Dendron Winter Hill-61


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smallTorra Dendron Winter Hill Flat-23

smallDendron Winter Hill-30

smallTorra Dendron Winter Hill-21

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