Twilight 2015, a quick peek in the workshop…

Twilight 2015, a quick peek in the workshop...

Cloth woven on our Twilight coloured warp is starting to make its way into our workshop! twilightpreview3Twilight was the first warp colour that we ever used- we knew what shade we wanted and spent weeks searching out objects that were just the right deep indigo colour for the dye house to use as a reference! In the end we gave up and resorted to hand dyeing an old muslin and giving them that to work from…

To be fair, once we’d  woven then rewoven the twilight warp we were really ready to move on to something different, and the Cyano warp was a breath of fresh air. Seeing the beautiful deep warm blue on the rolls once more lets us experience it with fresh excitement and really hits home how far we’ve come since 2012.
We have tried to include elements of  past favourites into these new wraps, to add a familiar twist without just revisiting old ground directly.

We had a little Winter linen left over, but it wasn’t going to stretch that far so we chose to mix it with the Spring coloured cotton to create a 25% linen weft for the tourbillon design. Winter blended with spring is a pretty accurate description for English weather


Anemone  Tourbillon first appeared on our Obsidian warp, and we thought that it would look equally wonderful against the indigo.

Aurora weft was the same jewel hued green and turquoises as our Cyano warp. We can’t wait to wrap with this one!twilightpreview6

Sylvan Obsidian Birch Trees was a very special wrap. We have woven a starmap in a different colour variation of the same heavier weight linen/cotton blend weft that we used for the Sylvan. It looks pretty magical up close…

pink starmap

Whereas the Sylvan had a green combed cotton alternated with the green/purple marl, this weft is a pink combed cotton alternated with a pink/purple/cream marl linen.


These Birch Trees have a cotton/merino lambswool/linen weft and are a delight for an orange fanatic like Jen!!


We only have first few bolts of cloth with us at the moment, but we’ll try to take snaps of each as they arrive.

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