Rust Dendron Curves of Pursuit


Rust Dendron Curves of Pursuit has a weft of 3 alternating strands of cotton and a chunky cotton merino blend, that create a wonderfully textured and 3 dimensional colour. After the magical 2 washes (in this case in my washing machine on a 40’C wool cycle with 800 rmp spin) this wrap becomes prickle free and amazingly cuddly and blankety.rust blog1


Rust Curves weighs in at around 290 gsm after washing, so can be described as a thicker medium weight wrap. The merino wool in the weft has been stabilised by the cotton it has been spun with, making it very much an easy care wrap as it is happy in the washing machine (on a wool cycle).

Rust blog 2

Rust Dendron Curves of Pursuit will be released on Saturday 19th September at 9pm BST.

Rust blog 3

Rust Dendron Curves of Pursuit Flat-5Rust Dendron Curves of Pursuit Flat-6Rust Dendron Curves of Pursuit Flat-7Autumn Group-16 Rust Dendron Curves of Pursuit-19 Rust Dendron Curves of Pursuit-22 Rust Dendron Curves of Pursuit-27 Rust Dendron Curves of Pursuit-36

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