Autumn Dendron Harvest

Autumn Dendron Harvest

Whether you go by the the months or the equinox, there is no denying that  summer is on the wane and autumn is on our doorstep.

We are starting our autumn releases with a 100% combed cotton wrap “Autumn Dendron Harvest”. This is a new design- and a seasonal imagining of our midwinter tree. It has two distinct rails with a border of chasing red squirrels. The weft comprises two orange tones to create a bold vivid colour without brashness. The combed cotton warp is made up of 3 deliciously rich, warm tones, in a naturally random, strata like formation.

It is a mid-weight wrap with a nice balance of glide and grip. It is a lovely wrap for new babywearers to learn with, whereas more experienced wrappers can create beautiful colour effects with flipped passes and fancy finishes.

These wraps will be available for sale from the 19th September, at 9pm BST.ah2 ah3 ah4 ah5 ah7 ah8 autumn harvest 2 harvest beach 1 harvest beach 2

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