Spirals off the loom


With the amber starmap wraps nearly ready to make their way into our shop, cutting has started on our next design. This is the fractal spiral that we used for our first ever testers last year.

lime cashmere cotton spirals

It reminds us of swirly heads of  romanesco cauliflower (how glamorous we are)! We knocked this design up  pretty quickly to fit the small pattern repeat of the testing loom, but grew so fond of it that we decided to give it a place on this weave run

violet wool


As there are relatively small quantities of each of these 3 wefts, we won’t be offering up prebooking slots for these, so all the wraps will be available for general sale.  We’ll give prior warning before they appear in the shop though.

These are only quick snaps of the cloth on its way to be cut and hemmed, but we will get clearer, more accurate pictures before the design is released.

The cashmere cotton blend is the hardest to represent in pictures- it is actually a very pale and fresh lime green. The weft yarn is 20% cashmere, so the overall wrap will be 10% cashmere, 90% cotton

magenta cotton spiralsThe violet weft is 100%  beautifully soft lambswool (so a 50% lambswool, 50% combed cotton wrap) and the wraps with the  magenta weft are 100% combed cotton. We haven’t officially named these wefts yet, so we need to get our thinking caps on with that.


We are also starting to introduce the  yarn composition/blend on our woven care labels, but this is quite an expensive process and so will take a while for every wrap to have the warp and weft yarns included on the tag.  The first wraps to use the new labels will be the 100% cotton and the 50% linen 50% cotton wraps. For now all other blends will still say 100% natural fibres but eventually all but the most unusual and limited runs will be accurately labelled.

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