Some wraps are particularly prone to wash creasing on their first couple of washes. Wash creasing is a purely cosmetic issue, caused when the cloth fibres naturally contract during the wash. The stiffer weft fibres don’t move as easily as the cotton warp ones, and that can create tiny, faint crease lines in the cloth that are hard to iron out because the movement is so small. Structurally the cloth is the same, but tiny dots of weft will be more visible along the crease line.


You can read everything you need to know about cloth creasing by clicking on the link below!

Once the cloth is fully out of loomstate (after a few washes) this stops being much of an issue- the fibres are happy in their new positions, but the first few washes are critical, and worth spending a little more time getting right.

We suggest that you follow these washing instructions:

1. Put your wrap in the laundry bag during washing. This reduces that amount of twisting that your wrap will receive in the wash. You may need to add a few other items to the wash load (outside of the bag) to stop the bag from thumping around in the machine and affecting your spin cycle. We recommend using a liquid detergent.

2. Wash on a wool specific wash cycle. This has the gentlest action on the cloth (even more so than handwashing). If you don’t have a wool cycle then a delicates cycle is your next best bet, with a low spin.

3. Take your wrap out of the bag after washing and stretch it out width ways, do this all along the length of the cloth.


4. Your wrap may come out of the washing machine completely un-creased, in which case Iron the wrap whilst still damp, then leave to dry and iron again. Do not tumble dry.

Even by following these instructions, some creasing is normal so don’t worry! If your wrap comes out of the machine with creasing then follow these extra steps.

1. Stretch out widthways as above. This will pull some of the creases flat straight away.


2. Iron straight out of the machine, whilst still wet.


3. Iron the weft face of the cloth first. You need to put quite a lot of pressure on whilst ironing. You won’t need steam as the wet wrap will naturally steam! We suggest that you stretch the cloth widthways as you iron, pulling the cloth taut.