Please look at our weft yarn and design choices then fill in the form at the bottom of this page. We can’t wait to see what you choose!

The Cirrus Warp

Here are some examples of cloth woven on our Cirrus warp – the main image shows Cirrus as warp and as weft. The other images show different coloured wefts.

Weft Yarns

Here are the 4 Italian linen weft yarns that we’d like you to choose from:

Colour A

teal linen swatch

Colour B

yellow-green linen swatch

Colour C

grey linen swatch

Colour D

lavender linen swatch


Here are the 4 designs that we would like you to choose from:

Design #1 Starmap

Design #2 Vortex

Design #3 Nocturne

Design #4 Murmuration

Please now fill in the form below with your choices! Remember this is a mini release of 2 different designs.